Wedding – The sand ritual

During religious or secular marriages there are sometimes many rituals to seal the love of the future bride and groom.

The sand ritual is one of the most famous and above all one of the easiest to implement.

It takes place during the engagement ceremony, which is invented by the officiant and personalized in honour of the lovers.

The origins of this ritual are still unknown, some say it comes from the Amerindian tribes or from the island of Hawaii. All we know is that it most certainly comes from a place where sand is predominant.

Returning to the ritual, each spouse has a vial containing sand of two different colours, one symbolizing the groom’s family and the other the bride’s family. Thus in a common container, the two sands mix together to create a new sand.

Symbolically strong, this ritual represents the union of two families to create only one, thanks to the union of the two loved ones.

Each sand represents the character of each person, their experience, the individual they are and that the other accepts by marrying them.

When there are children, they can also integrate into the ritual by bringing their own sand.

A memory that remains ingrained in the memories and will remain visible to all in the spouses’ homes.

This ritual, like all the others, can be included in your wedding.
All rituals will be personalized and can be translated into your native language.

Make your wedding an unforgettable day. The one of the union of yo

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