My morphology – my wedding dress

In an air where the woman knows perfectly her morphology and especially how to dress, it is important not to neglect the most important day of her life: “marriage”.

Your dress you have imagined so much since your earliest childhood, the color, the cut, even the details made of rhinestones or lace.
But the question arises: “do you have the morphology adapted to the mermaid or princess dress so dear in your imagination? »
Before D-day and especially the first fittings, a little reminder of the recommended morphologies and dresses is essential.

Morphology in H

My silhouette is fairly straight, my hips and shoulders are in line. They don’t say my hips are marked.
Three types of dresses can suit this morphology.
First of all the princess dress, which gives volume and camouflages the hips, to be a bride like Cinderella.
The empire dress, if you have a large bosom, it will be highlighted. You can opt for a bustier, however it is still advisable to cover your shoulders, for a more feminine look.
Finally you can opt for a sheath dress, it will clear your chest and bring a lot of class.

Morphology in O

Your shapes are generous and splendid, your shoulders and hips are ample without marking your waist too much.
The perfect dress for you is the empire dress. It is a dress with a high waist line up to about the horizontal line under the breasts. The most famous empire dresses are the queen’s. It gives a traditional and very elegant style.

Morphology in X

The so-called mannequin waist, with shoulders in line with the hips and a marked waist.
With this dream body you can afford everything, from princess dress, mermaid to empire, ball gown or sheath.
The hardest thing for you will be to choose.

Morphology in A

You are pulpy, your shoulders are narrow but your hips are developed.
You’ll look best in a princess dress or an empire dress.

Morphology in V

Sporty you are and your shoulders have developed more than your hips.
To feminize your build it is advisable to wear a princess or empire dress. Be careful however to cover your shoulders, to remove that very masculine impression of broad shoulders.

You’re small

Don’t try to look taller than you are, your beloved one loves your smaller-than-average height.
You can opt for heels but we also advise you to prefer shorter dresses, very trendy in addition.
To lengthen your line, discover yourself by stripping your shoulders and letting your beautiful legs appear.

A happy event is expected and a baby will share your belly on D-Day.

You want to highlight your belly while remaining feminine, opt for an adapted cut that will not hide your shapes and without marking them for fear of being too tight.
A stylist’s advice, opt for so-called heavy fabrics, which will be more fluid and fall easily down your legs. If you are in the first months of pregnancy, don’t deprive yourself, you can consider wearing worse cuts or short dresses. If baby is coming soon, a draped dress will be perfect.
Beware, heels are not recommended, a much more comfortable pair will please you especially at the end of the day.

It’s time for you to choose the perfect dress, but never forget it’s your day. So say goodbye to dictatorships, treat yourself.

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