Christmas Wedding

A wedding request at Christmas

Christmas, a family and very romantic moment at the end of the year.
And if you exceed his expectations, if you surpass Santa’s gift by asking him for his hand.

Around the Christmas tree

In a Christmas decoration, by the fire, surrounded by your loved ones, you put your knee on the ground and ask her if she wants to continue her life at your side as a wife.

A stronger family spirit

Surrounded by her loved ones, you show her even more strongly your commitment and that nothing frightens you. You love it and you are ready to show it to the world.

Like in the movies

For several days now, she has been spending her rainy afternoons watching Christmas movies, full of love and twists and turns. These fairytale movies that end with a kiss or even a wedding.

Finish the year in style

You end the year on a note of love and commitment. The New Year will start with a ring on your finger and organizational projects in your head.

An unusual idea

You can hide the engagement ring in a gift or be even more surprising. Why not hide it at the top of the tree, in the star that eliminates this special evening.

Wait for dessert

Will you be able to hold on until dessert, wait for the light to come on and when it comes on again it will find you ashore. A magical and unexpected moment.

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wedding trend 2020

Trendy themes for a wedding in 2020.

A new year is about to begin and it must be prepared. Especially with this unique and so special event that is your upcoming wedding.
In need of inspiration, we are here to give you a little help and to take stock of future trends. Recurring themes that have proved their worth but also new features that will make 2020 sparkling.

Let’s discover together the wedding themes “2020 trends”.

A romantic theme

Pastel colours, a very floral decoration that brings softness and romance. Saying yes to yourself in a soothing atmosphere of a 21st century fairy tale.

The bohemian invites himself to your reception

A very relaxed theme, where surplus and bling bling are banned. A simple atmosphere, natural and clear materials that will bring a touch of nature to your wedding.

And if we get married like grandma

The vintage is back, as if it had never left. The chinés objects, the lace dress of granny or even pretty objects to find in the attic of the family home, here is the recipe for a family and vintage wedding bringing your guests in their buried memories.

Why don’t we go to the country

The rural and rustic theme is very popular among urban bride and groom in search of nature and a change of scenery. A reception in a barn, between hay bales and carts, is enough to bring authenticity.

So chic

A wedding that is even more glamorous, for exceptional brides and grooms. Like a grand palace or a festival, brides are honoured with a red carpet, sequins and rhinestones. Attention large dresses and costumes required for guests. We’re going to fill your eyes with it.

Simple, like our love

You can also consider a wedding in your image classic, without rhinestones, with notes of white and cream and a few flowers.

There are many wedding themes, the whole thing is to make a wedding in your image. You hesitate or don’t know how to organize your wedding? Feel free to call me for this special day.

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