An outdoor wedding

– I say “yes” outdoors –
Outdoor weddings have the coast.

An unforgettable day in a splendid place is the promise of an open-air place.
The place of your meeting, a green space between two mountains, on a lake, on a paradisiacal beach, the choices are multiple according to the region chosen for the ceremony.

A real asset for your photos.

Natural lights, the sun, or the reflection of the water will make your photos splendid. The photographer can suggest you to go natural and refined for a chic look. Ladies, don’t hesitate to opt for a detached hairstyle for a breathtaking hair effect in the wind.

The symbolism of the heavens.

You marry in the open, with the stars and the heavens as a witness.
But above all, you have lost loved ones as close to you as possible.
This symbolism is very strong and meaningful on this very special day that everyone dreams of attending.

The Weather constraint.

The only constraint is the weather, which can play tricks on us, so we always have to plan for a plan B in case of rain. You can get married outside the castle you rent or in the lavender fields near the reception room. You will be able to take shelter more easily in case of unforeseen circumstances.

An adapted decoration.

Once the time of the reception, you can bring nature into your room. A simple decoration, dotted with white, brown and green, embellished with natural elements such as wood, sand and leaves.
If you want to go even further, your invitations will be dressed in leaves and will smell, for example, the sweet smell of lavender that reminds us so much of Provence.

It is time to open the walls and enjoy our magical nature for a moment of sweetness and indescribable love.

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